A disease with severe conditions

The human body has to face various medical conditions that can trouble its normal function. The disease of epilepsy is one of such situations where one needs to suffer unbearable pain, and in some cases, epilepsy can prove fatal if the right medication and surgery are not carried out at the earliest stage.

Medications are capable of dealing with seizures in a lot of people suffering from epilepsy but are not known to do for all patients. If you go by figures at least nearly thirty percent, people using the drugs for seizures do not bear up with their side effects. In several instances, it is better to undertake brain surgery.

The surgery for epilepsy performed on the patient’s brain shall tackle seizures and enhance the quality of such patients. This surgery is done by keeping three main aims in view.

Epilepsy surgery makes a sort of procedure by which an affected area of the patient’s brain is removed wherein these seizures start off.  Epilepsy surgery is the best solution for such people who experience seizures that always initiate from the similar area found in the brain. With the intention of performing epilepsy surgery, it is necessary the patient should have taken as a minimum two types of antiepileptic drugs with no success. In case two right drugs did not yield any result, it is most improbable that some other drug for epilepsy will be effective.

Kinds of epilepsy surgery

Removal of a part of the patient’s brain

The very widespread kind of surgery in epilepsy can be the elimination of the part of the patient’s brain which may be of the size of any golf ball that can be said to be the reason for these seizures. Such kind of surgery is known as respective surgery that may be used to do away with a lobe, some part of the lobe or any type of lesion and tends to be very successful.

Cut off connection amid hemispheres

One more kind of surgery for epilepsy is referred to as corpus callosotomy; it does undo the network pertaining to neural connections amid left as well as right hemispheres of the patient’s brain. It can be done with ease because epilepsy surgery cost in India is very reasonable and by expert surgeons.

This kind of surgery is done mainly on children who suffer from harsh seizures that trigger off within one half of the brain and pass onto the other half. By doing so, it is possible to minimize the intensity of seizures.

Removal of the half of the brain

The most fundamental kind of surgery for epilepsy eliminates the outer layer of the patient’s half brain. It is known as hemispherectomy and is utilized among children who experience seizures due to


found in one hemisphere of the patient’s brain. It happens in some rare conditions that can be found during birth or may surface in the patient’s early infancy. In young children, doctors find cent percent chances of recovery.

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