Common Wrinkle Causes and How Anti-Aging Products Help

Anti-Aging Products

Wrinkles can come in the form of fine lines, creases, or folds appearing on your skin. In most cases, they’re located on areas of the skin which are directly exposed to sunlight. The most critical areas are the skin of the face, hands, neck, and forearms. Wrinkles aren’t simply caused by sunlight exposure but a combination of different factors.

Here are some of the most important factors that cause wrinkles to appear.

Aging skin

Our skin ages naturally as we get older. The human body produces less collagen as it gets older, which makes the skin lose elasticity and become looser. This exposes even more lines and makes skin saggy, causing it to look older.

Sun exposure

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Many studies show that most of the facial wrinkles are caused by exposure to the sun. The main reason for this is UV rays. Constant sun exposure also leads to hyperpigmentation, yellow skin, and impaired elasticity. UV rays also contribute to breaking down connective tissue and weakening of the skin overall.

Smoking cigarettes

Full blown smokers have constricted blood vessels, making the blood flow to the skin weaker, causing the skin to deteriorate.

How Anti-Aging Products Help

Anti-aging products have soothing effects thanks to a specific combination of active ingredients. In fact, quality anti-aging products from well-known brands such as Nu Skin have the right combination of ingredients that enhance the product’s effectiveness.

We recommend talking to a dermatologist about the type of anti-aging products to use to avoid any unwanted side effects.


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