Preventative Dentistry: A Brief Overview

Preventative dentistry is important as it can help you avoid major future dental expenses. This type of dentistry includes the use of fissure sealants, the treatment of bruxism, the making of mouth guards, and the application of fluoride treatments.

Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants are a type of dental sealant that is used on people who are prone to tooth decay. Usually, the sealants help to prevent cavities in children who cannot yet control the amount of plaque that is formed in the mouth.

Therefore, a fissure sealant is a special clear and protective tooth-coloured resin that keeps cavities and decay from occurring. Typically, no drilling is necessary when the seals are applied. Whilst sealants prevent the need for fillings at a later date, they will not last forever. However, the seals can still get a child through a period when drilling may seem to be a frightening prospect.


Bruxism is the excessive grinding or clenching of the teeth. Unfortunately, the activity, if continued, can lead to excessive tooth wear or may even cause damage to the joints of the jaw or to the teeth themselves. Usually, bruxism takes place during sleep or when a person does not have any conscious control over the activity. In some cases, bruxism may occur during the daytime hours too. The condition can be treated by a dentist in Garden City in one of a number of ways. Sometimes painkillers are administered for muscular face pain, jaw and joint pain, or headaches.

The making of an occlusal splint is also indicated for bruxism treatment. This splint is especially helpful to people who grind their teeth excessively. To increase the splint’s level of comfort and effectiveness, it is customised to a person’s own bite.

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are similar to occlusal splints but are made a bit bulkier. This added bulk protects the teeth and mouth during sports play. Like occlusal splints, mouth guards are custom-designed and are made to fit snugly over the teeth.

Mouth guards that are made by a dentist are recommended over guards that are bought at the store as the store-bought variety tend to rub the gums or dislodge from the mouth. Because they are not carbon copies of your teeth, mouth guards from stores will not offer a precise fit. You need this type of support, especially during contact sports.

Topical Fluoride Applications

Topical fluoride applications involve the use of a concentrated fluoride treatment on the surface of the teeth. Whilst fluoride treatments are not compulsory, dentists highly advise their use in preventing dental caries and keeping the teeth their strongest and healthiest.

Regular Oral Maintenance

The regular practice of good oral hygiene or the ongoing maintenance of the gums and teeth is important, too. There are varying levels of this type of upkeep starting with regular basic maintenance and progressing to the prevention of acid erosion caused by certain foods or beverages. Regular maintenance is encouraged for all ages and includes an annual dental examination along with scheduled cleans by a dental hygienist.

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