Strange Pets Across The World

There are quite a lot of animals on this planet, and while there are some popular choices such as fish, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, and many other popular choices, there are some other choices that you will not expect to find in your neighbor’s house.


While a lot of people might question someone who has a scorpion, it is actually one of the most popular exotic pets out there. One thing about scorpions is that there are quite a lot of species out there, so if you are planning to get one yourself, you might want to ask questions at, considering your safety when keeping a certain species.


Arachnophobia is one of the most common fears on the planet, so if you are wondering who is mad enough to have this as their pet, we completely understand you. However, similar to the scorpion’s case, there are quite a lot of tarantulas that are kept as pets, and in many cases, owners will claim that they are extremely friendly, and that some tarantulas actually want their owners to pet them while handled.


While the first two pets that we mentioned might give you the spooks, parrots are one of those pets that are on the border of casual and exotic, but we decided to put them on the list anyway. There are certain species of parrots that you definitely won’t see every day, and those are usually the species that tend to talk a lot.

Having a pet parrot that says random words to your guests can lead to some very funny situations, and there is no other pet that can give you a similar experience. Talking parrots are one of the most fun animals to be kept as pets, hence they cannot be avoided on this list.

Parrots make fantastic pets


We are going to continue the trend with pets that will not creep you out, just to ensure that not all exotic and strange pets are repelling. Hedgehogs are very friendly and cute animals, and while they might seem dangerous because of the spikes that they have on their back, once they relax next to their owners, those spikes become quire relaxed, and you can pet them with ease.

The Fennec Fox

Recently, there has been quite a big spike in popularity when it comes to the Fennec Fox, then again, why wouldn’t there be an interest in this animal, it is really adorable. This cute little pet is easily recognizable by its big ears, and it definitely doesn’t look like something which you could find on this planet, but you can, and you can!

A very big downside to these little things is that they are incredibly sensitive, which means that having one will make you visit trusted West Lindfield vet like Gordon Vet Hospital quite often. Also, while they are a very cute pet to have, they can be tricky to tame, especially if you do not have them since their birth.

Some exotic pets are a rather questionable choice

Final Word

The world is full of strange animals, and there are definitely quite a lot of animals that are kept as pets. If you are considering to get an exotic animal as your pet, it is highly suggested to check things out with a nearby wet, and what’s more important is to check if they are legal as well.

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