Tips to Maintain the Results of CoolSculpting

If you have some stubborn fat that’s not going away despite your intense efforts, coolsculpting may be just the right option for you.

Unlike other fat removal methods, which either remove fat physically from the body or destroy the fat using heat, coolsculpting makes use of freezing cold temperature to abolish fat in particular areas.

Coolsculpting has many other benefits over other fat removal procedures like it’s non-surgical and has little to no downtime. You can resume your work almost right away after the procedure.

You may have to wait for several months to be able to see the full results and you can even double or triple the results by getting the treatment multiple times.

However, you should remember that coolsculpting is not a magic pill when it comes to weight loss. Those who intend to lose a lot of weight are not ideal candidates for coolsculpting.

Also, although the eliminated fat goes for good, the remaining fat cells can anytime get bigger if you are not careful enough.

Thankfully, there are so many things you can bring into practice to make the most of your coolsculpting procedure and maximise the results and maintain them for years to come. Here are a few.

Eat Right and Start Exercising

Unfortunately, a number of coolsculpting procedures are not a free pass to consume whatever you’d like and settle permanently on your couch.

It doesn’t give you freedom from maintaining right food habits and exercising regularly.

While you don’t need to make very big changes to your lifestyle and eating habits after the procedure, you certainly have to give more importance to eating right than you did before.

An excellent way to rectify your diet and try to maintain a healthy weight after your professional coolsculpting Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne procedure or from your trusted cosmetic clinic is to eat as much whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, proteins and whole grains as possible.

Try to avoid processed foods and frozen dinners which typically consist of more calories than your body requires and can contribute to weight gain.

Another way to maintain a healthy weight after coolsculpting is regular exercise. If you are not habituated to exercise and have an overall sedentary lifestyle, speak to your doctor prior to beginning any exercise so as to avoid any injury or another health problem.

If you get a green signal from your doctor for exercise, choose a program that emphasises on cardio, strength training and flexibility.

You can even alternate between strength training workout and stretching one day and stretching and cardio on another.

Consider CoolSculpting as a Way to Start Weight Loss

Coolsculpting is not meant for a massive amount of weight loss. If you are overweight by 20 pounds or more, you should speak to your doctor about options for losing weight before choosing coolsculpting.

Keep in mind that coolsculpting can remove only around 25% of fatty tissue from the targeted area. It’s not useful for an overall fat loss or a sizeable decrease in fat.

However, if you have only a few pounds more than your ideal weight, i.e. less than 10, that you want to lose, coolsculpting is a good option for you.

What if You Gain Weight after CoolSculpting?

You may wonder if it’s possible to gain weight after the procedure. Although it’s true that the fat that was removed after coolsculpting won’t come back, it’s anytime possible to gain weight.

This is because the process of losing or gaining weight is altogether different than the process of destroying fat.

During weight loss, your fat cells shrink and during weight gain, they become larger but you don’t get more fat cells. The number of fat cells remains steady during weight gain or loss, only their size changes.

All in all, even after coolsculpting you should maintain a healthy weight to maintain the results of the procedure with the right diet and exercise.

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