Top Tips to Have Healthy Skins

Are you aware of the silent sicknesses that your skin gives you when you use your skincare product? Are you unclear with your skin types? It is time to be more alert about your skin now before everything is crying over spilt milk. Your beauty of skin will help you stand out before the others confidently. Please read a more detailed guide here, the top tips below will be helpful for you.

(i) Be aware with your surrounding changes

You might have noticed that your skin is different compared to other day. It can be due to the weather, stress or humidity that can affect your skin. For example, if you experience dry or itchy skin, it can be difficult to predict how your skin feels on that day. So, many people find that they manage their skin by building a skincare routine that fits into their daily life according to their skin types. It is because your skin goes through different phases at different times, understanding how and why your skin becomes dry can help you adapt your routine to deal with any changes. Therefore, right skincare products will be helpful for you to adapt yourself in different surrounding changes.

(ii) Keep your skin hydrated

To maintain your natural barrier of dry skin, you need to keep it hydrated and healthy. Please read a more detailed guide here. Actively moisturizing your skin helps it maintain more moisture by:

  • Replenishing natural lipids of your skin that can trap water in between your skin cells and prevent it from getting out
  • Enhancing your skin’s ability to attract and hold on to water through supporting the role of natural moisturizing factor (NMF)
  • Retaining your skin’s acidic pH value that can affect the function of your skin’s protective barrier

Thus, you need to have right skincare products that can help you to retain the moisturizing condition in your skin especially facing different seasons and even hot weather so that your moisture will not get out from your skin.

(iii) Never scratch your skin

You shouldn’t scratch your skin frequently even though it is itchy. When the protective barrier of your skin is weakened, it means more irritants can get in easily. These irritants cause inflammation of your skin and make it feel itchy. However, the more you scratch and irritate your skin, the more your skin will release chemicals that cause it to itch. This is known as the itch-scratch cycle. If you keep scratching, it can cause further damage to the skin’s barrier, making it even drier and itchier over time. Thence, implementing right skincare products can help you to decrease the itchy condition in your skin healthily.

In short, we hope that the top tips above can help your skin healthily and bring your smiles bright daily. It is our values of happiness and satisfactions when seeing you to have healthy skin. We are inspired and glad to be part of your plans to help you shine before others. Your greatest satisfaction is always our pleasure.


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