Why didn’t I grow any taller? Try HGH today!

Have you ever thought that why do we stop growing in height after a certain point of time? Did we all achieve the height (literally) that we wanted to? Height of an individual is affected not only by a single factor but by multiple of features. Some reasons that influence our height are genetic factors, hormones, nutrition, sex and physical exercise. HGH or human growth hormone has a great impact in constituting one’s height. So if you are short in stature and you get a lot of negative comments are thrown at your face because of your height, don’t get upset because there are various height boosting supplements are available in the market. They work really good and even if they don’t then don’t let your height hinder you from achieving the heights of life you want to reach for. Now coming back to the physiological process and speculate this thing called HGH and how it works and so on.

What is the speciality of HGH?          

If you are thinking that if high dosages of oral Somatropin (a recombinant form of growth hormone) are given then the person’s height in going to increase in a quicker manner, then you are gravely mistaken by this thought. Neither deficit nor excess of any hormone is considered to be usual by our body rather there has to be a standard level of hormones present in our body for homeostasis. So if you are planning on activities to promote your height, you can surely try the growth or dietary supplements with prior consultation with a medical practitioner. Also, you must follow the time span for the usage of somatropin as directed by a doctor.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) or somatotropin is peptide hormones that are released from the anterior part of the pituitary gland due to the stimulus send across by the hypothalamus. Although growth hormone is mainly responsible for enhancing height and cell production, its other functions include increase protein synthesis, increase calcium retention and mineralization of bones, increases gluconeogenesis in liver and similar other functions that aid in building up. Hence, growth hormone is an anabolic hormone, contributing to the overall growth of the body. Therefore, HGH is an important parameter determining one’s height.

Forms of Somatropin

Somatropin is available in two main forms in the market and they are as tablets and as injections. Both are administered to patients depending upon the severity of the medical condition and also the dosage is determined accordingly.

Is Somatropin effective?

In a word, yes. Somatropin is effective in every sense. It not only promotes height but also does the other functions of the growth hormone. This includes improved metabolism, reduces extra fat, strengthens memory, increases density of bones and vertebrae and also induces growth of these. However, there might be certain side-effects related to it as well and they are muscle and joint pain, oedema or swelling due to fluid retention, high cholesterol levels are to name a few. Hence, for correct dosages for oral Somatropin or for injections doctors must be consulted and also any previous medical issues must be stated.

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